WP11: Project Management

This work package will implement an efficient organization structure, project planning, coordination, communication and quality assessment of management assessment to satisfy the objectives of NeXOS in the most effective way.


The objectives of WP11 are to:

  • Handling of project correspondence and day-to-day requests from partners
  • Implementation and maintenance of a project-specific knowledge space, including specific templates to collect inputs to the required EC documents from participants
  • Setting up and operation of the project intranet for project management
  • Compilation of periodic and final reports
  • Review of reports to verify consistency within project tasks
  • Preparation and post-processing of EC reviews
  • Preparation, execution and post-processing of major project meetings and reviews
  • Administration of financial contributions and distribution of community funds, keeping the necessary records and financial accounts
  • Monitoring of compliance by partners with their obligations under the Grant Agreement and the maintenance of the Consortium Agreement
  • Handling of legal and IPR issues
  • Explore and foster the transfer of technology transfer to assure future exploitation and use of the new technological developments and/or other market solutions created in the project.
WP11: Project Management