WP5: Development of Optical Sensor Systems

The work package will develop innovative, compact and cost efficient multifunctional sensor systems for optical measurement of marine environmental parameters, including contaminants, dissolved substances, particulate matter, phytoplankton and variables relevant to the carbon cycle.

WP Leader: UNOL

The objectives of WP5 are to:

  • Develop and build the matrix-fluorescence sensor for the detection of dissolved substances (such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) and (coloured) dissolved organic matter.
  • Develop and build the hyperspectral cavity absorption sensor for investigation of phytoplankton and other absorbing components.
  • Develop and build the Carbon sensor to measure carbon cycle relevant parameters such as pH, CO2 and CH4.
  • Assemble the new optical sensors.
  • Test and optimize the new optical sensors for scientific validation and demonstration activities.
WP5: Development of Optical Sensor Systems