D.02.2 - ASCS Constitution Report

The main objective of NeXOS is to develop new cost-effective, innovative and compact integrated multifunctional sensor systems which can be deployed from mobile and fixed ocean observing platforms, not just for the sake of having better marine environmental monitoring means, but with an eye on the potential of the European industry to exploit these new or improved systems. As such, the NeXOS project should contribute to raising the competitive position of the European marine sensor industry. To this end, a committee is formed in which all SME companies that are partner in the NeXOS project participate.As per the Description of Work, the main responsibility of the ASCS is to ensure, at the outset of the project and during its life cycle, that the design and engineering process followed can be understood and incorporated into the practical implementations by SMEs, industry and the science research and observation community. The ASCS will study how to enhance the potential of NeXOS’s products to penetrate the marine sensor market and assess the economic advantages of the innovations developed within NeXOS. Furthermore the ASCS will advise on the management of the NeXOS Intellectual Property Rights to deal with legal provisions for knowledge and technology protection, transfer and exploitation, in accordance with EU regulations.