D.01.2 - Final report on general system requirements, Risk strategy and Reference Model

The topics of this report are final general system requirements; the risk management strategy and the description of the reference model for baseline infrastructure. These topics together are actually encompassing the requirement framework for the NeXOS project. In accordance to that the main focus of this report is to clarify the interrelationship between the different development activities and to harmonize the development goals. Talking about multidisciplinary sensor packages means in practical terms, that sensors can be easily combined allowing observing specific processes. The approach that was taken within NeXOS to start this integration process was to define requirements around user scenarios. This will not only address the technical aspects but also the economic aspects. Cost efficiency also includes aspects of service and maintenance that can be addressed with specific technical mean as for instance anti fouling measures. Describing the interlinkage of these different aspects is of importance to come up with a coherent solution which is a standard approach based on systems engineering methods.