D.06.2 - Integrated passive acoustics transducer development

The present document summarizes the work carried out for task 6.2 “Integrated passive acoustics transducer development”, led by SMID, and task 6.3 “Algorithms development” led by CTN.
The purpose of task 6.2 is to develop the transducer stage required for an integrated multifunctional digital passive acoustic sensor system. This sensor system will be capable of measuring and processing underwater noise and bioacoustics activity. Two prototypes are developed, the first (A1), a small, low consumption, transducer stage for mobile platforms, and a second (A2), a transducer stage for fixed platforms with enhanced capability, including array-based source localization and acoustic propagation modelling. Three replicas of A1 and one A2, based on A1s but with Ethernet capability, will be manufactured and tested in a troncoconical tank in CTN facilities.
Second, signal processing algorithms for mobile (A1) and fixed platforms (A2) developed by CTN are depicted. These algorithms address the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) requirements in terms of underwater noise and bioacoustics monitoring, more specifically MSFD Descriptor 1 and 11. These will be explained in detail, including computational load measurements, capabilities and limitations, and good practice for the user.