Let There Be Light: Optical tools for insights into marine ecosystems, webinar with Prof. Dr. Oliver Zielinski

Oceans are complex and many types of observations are needed to understand their environments. Marine processes are biological, geological, chemical and physical; they occur at micro- to kilometer scales, taking from less than seconds to centuries.So understanding and sustainably managing  the marine environment is a multi-scale and multi-disciplinary effort.

Obtaining widespread observations has been generally difficult and costly in time and resources, especially for biological and chemical properties. New advances in optical sensors and methodologies can improve observations, deploying such advanced techniques as matrix-fluorescence and centifluidic devices, new applications like ocean-color assessment from robotic platforms, and citizen participation. 

This webinar will address emerging sensor technologies and multifunctional sensor systems supported by the NeXOS European Project and other initiatives, with emphasis on optical methodologies to support biogeochemical observations. 
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