ALSEAMAR is born from the merger of ACSA, ATOB and, BMTI, three subsidiaries of ALCEN group whose activities are focused on the markets of Defense & Safety, Oil & Gas offshore and Ocean science.

The head office is based in Paris and the company relies on three operating facilities located in Six Fours (Toulon - 83), Meyreuil (Aix-en-Provence - 13) and Pointe Noire (Congo Brazzaville). It is leaning on 87 employees including 46 engineers, 28 senior technicians and 13 operators.

ALSEAMAR will bring to NeXOS its expertise in implementation of sensors on autonomous underwater vehicles. In particular, ALSEAMAR will contribute to WP4 (Sensors systems requirements) to make sure that the developped sensors are compatible with such use.

ALSEAMAR will contribute to sensors (Hydrocarbons and acoustics) development and integration on a small battery powered vehicle (SeaExplorer). Finally, ALSEAMAR will conduct seatrials in the Mediterranean Sea with a vehicle equipped with those sensors. The main advantage that the Seaexplorer Glider will offer to the project, compared to american solutions is its payload modularity: Different nose cones can be attached to the vehicle depending on the application. This considerably reduces the cost by only having to build 3 specific nose cones operated by a single vehicle.