CTN (Spain)

The Naval Technology and Sea Center (hereafter CTN) is a non-profit association born in 2003 which aims at improving the competitiveness of maritime and naval industry by promoting R&D activities.

CTN offers a multipurpose technical department with naval, marine, industrial, telecom engineering, competitive intelligence and biological capabilities. We also want to be a meeting place between companies, other research organizations and regional and national administration Centro Tecnológico Naval y del Mar.

CTN will bring to NeXOS its expertise in different areas:

  • PHYSICAL PHENOMENA AND SPREAD: Prediction of physical quantities on acoustic signals in the underwater environment: noise levels, pressure, power, etc; Prediction of acoustic paths or trajectories: ray tracing; Programming in C++, Fortran and Matlab subroutines or programs for underwater acoustic propagation simulators; Identify areas of shade for the non-detection; Determination of the optimal distances between transducers for underwater wireless communication; Spectral analysis of acoustic signals with and differentiation of the different contributions; Scaling of underwater acoustic propagation experiments; Validation of new propagation models by comparison with other models and through experiments in controlled environments.
  • UNDERWATER ACOUSTICS COMMUNICATIONS: Custom development of underwater wireless communications system; Personalized study of the application; Detailed specifications of the parameters of underwater wireless communications system: frequency, distance, depth, positioning; Low cost system; High rate transmission; Prototypes ready for testing.
  • ELECTRONIC DESIGN: Design and simulation of electronic circuits, schematic and PCB; Manufacture of printed circuit boards with through hole components and SMD; Integration of sensors of all kinds: LDR, PT100 temperature (semiconductor), pressure, conductivity; Signal conditioning for transducers: Integration and programming of microcontrollers: 8051, PIC, Atmel, Energy management of electronic devices and Integration of oceanographic sensors.