ECORYS (Netherlands)

ECORYS is a European consultancy and research organisation founded by the Netherlands Economic Institute (NL), Kolpron Consultants (NL) and Ecotec (UK). In the Netherlands, ECORYS is the organisation in applied economics, working for clients in the public and private sectors in more than 100 countries.

The marine and maritime domain is one of the main areas in which the professionals of the ECORYS group respond to the needs of our clients. Over the years ECORYS has established an impressive maritime experience and expertise, not only in traditional fields like shipping and coastal protection but also in emerging areas such as offshore renewable energy and blue biotechnology. Experts of ECORYS are working in multidisciplinary teams, consists of maritime economists, engineers, maritime logistic experts, legal and institutional experts, financial engineers and environmental specialists.

ECORYS has led out the strategic “Blue Growth study” for DG MARE, an assignment to develop scenarios for the use of oceans, seas and coasts and ways to maintain their quality and sustainable use. The consortium led by ECORYS has now been awarded a follow-up framework contract to implement main components of Blue Growth across Europe. Furthermore ECORYS has numerous years of experience in the FP programmes.

ECORYS was the co-ordinator of BE LOGIC (Benchmarking Logistics for Co-Modality) and also of other FP projects like THEMIS and INTACT. Furthermore, ECORYS is leading a large number of Framework Contracts for various DGs of the European Commission, several of which run for 3 or 4 years and have multimillion budgets and large numbers of partners involved. One of these is PERSEUS on maritime security, in which monitoring devices and tools also play an important role.