FRANATECH, introduced in 1999, developed the first practical sensor for methane monitoring and detection underwater. It is used in all oceans of this world but the Antarctic. It was as well deployed successfully in famous lakes such as Lake Constance (Germany), Kivu (Africa) and Baikal (Russia). The sensors are used world-wide for various applications: hydrate research, underground tunnelling, offshore oil and gas exploration activities, offshore installations safety and integrity surveys, lake ecosystems research, climate research, deepwater oceanology, groundwater quality monitoring, landfill leachate monitoring.

FRANATECH will bring to NeXOS its 14 year experience in underwater gas detection, supported by patents, technology awards, participation in international projects and numerous publications.FRANATECH has expertise in development of sensors and accessories, integration of in multi-sensor-systems as well as sensor applications in scientific projects with scientific institutes working in the field of oceanography all around the world. FRANATECH is the world-leader in underwater methane monitoring and detection technology. The latest developments of CO2 Sensors for the Ferry box and for fish aquacultures are qualifying the company for several aspects of the development program.