NIVA (Norway)

The Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) is an independent research and development institute that was established in 1958. The present staff counts 230. NIVA is Norway’s leading centre for interdisciplinary specialised consultancy based on research and development in the fields of water resources management and water pollution control. NIVA's activities cover a broad range of water pollution issues related to: precipitation, groundwater, lakes, fjords and coastal and open ocean waters.

NIVA will bring to NeXOS aquatic sensors as well as expertise in sensors and integrated systems. NIVA has a wide range of sensors and instruments for oceanic use, and also develops new systems.

NIVA operates six Ferrybox sensor platforms on Ships of Opportunity traversing the Southern North Sea as well as the periphery of the Arctic Ocean. Operates fixed platform coastal monitoring stations. Responsible for European Ferrybox data transfer to ICES/EuroGOOS.