WP10: Dissemination and outreach

WP10 will act as a focal point for all dissemination and outreach; technical content will be provided by all WPs. To ensure successful information exchange across the breadth of stakeholders, this work package will raise awareness of the solutions and best practices developed in NeXOS among the communities working in the project thematic areas.

WP Leader: IEEE

The objectives of WP10 are to:

  • Prepare and update the NeXOS dissemination and outreach plan.
  • Organize participation in conferences, seminars and other meetings, and coordinate publications in technical journals, trade magazines and online.
  • Produce a video of the project
  • Coordinate and contribute to the production of dissemination material for on-line publication on NeXOS’ website.
  • Produce and update NeXOS factsheets
  • Organize and develop three international Workshops.
  • Reach out to a broad variety of stakeholder communities involved in NeXOS. These include industry groups, SME´s, oil and gas and other large industries, sensor producers and users of ocean information.
  • Maintain interest and connectivity with the NeXOS Advisory and Stakeholders Board (ASB).
WP10: Dissemination and outreach