D.03.1– Technology Readiness Level Report

Proposed as a reference since the submission of NeXOS, the Technological Readiness Level (TRL) is generally implemented as a metrics for the improvement of technologies (e.g. sensor systems but also related platforms and software). A common definition, and a common methodology of determination of the TRL is discussed, proposed and exemplified here with the validation of four products: one sensor (Recopesca temperature turbidity), one software (Seadataview), one platform (ARVOR CM) and one component (SnO2 antifouling protection). This defines a method that will be then applied for each of the NeXOS sensor systems, in relation with functional analysis report, market study, reliability study, and as a tool for NeXOS Scientific and technical management (TOC) and evaluation. The template of TRL estimate will be made available in the internal NeXOS intranet web pages under WP3 working section. TRL analysis results will be provided in D.3.2 (Functional analysis report – M12).